Mix one part of staying home from work with taking two small naps and laying on the couch all day eating candy and junk food.

Blend well with exactly one gallon of tears and approximately 50 text messages to your best friend, without much comfort returned despite her trying, and then stir in a viewing of Bridget Jones’s Diary because she makes you feel better about yourself and more hopeful for life in general.

Apply liberally to the skin as often as necessary, take extra time to rub harder on the places where you’ll miss his touch the most – on the small of your back, where the weight of his warm and heavy hand rested on your thigh, and of course be sure not to skip your hands that wrapped around and matched so well with yours it was impossible to see where his skin ended and yours began.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: In three lines, write prescription for something non-medical.