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I guess this is how it was always meant to be.

Right now the agony of knowing we don’t have a future outweighs whatever it is I could cherish as a wonderful memory of our 50 months together.

The anger that you let me believe for 50 months that we might have forever eclipses all the rest, and sadly makes me wonder whether I would have been better off if I’d never even met you.

I don’t want to have to hate you, and I don’t want to forget you, but I want to be able to go forward without wanting to go back, and I can’t do that if I still wished we could have made it work.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: Fast forward or Rewind


Like it or not, four years ago I thought I had my last first kiss and now I hope like hell that I was wrong and I didn’t.

Like it or not, I thought you were the one, but no one who loves me as much as I want to be loved would treat me the way you treated me, would they?

Like it or not, I have to do this all over again with someone else, and every man I meet I am going to compare to you, and I’m going to wish you just could have been different…just a little bit different.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: “Like it or not…”

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

I heard that they tried as hard as they could but he just couldn’t let go of the past.

I heard that they tried as hard as they could but she was too insecure and jealous.

I heard it took them too long to figure out that no matter how much you love someone and want to make it work, life isn’t fair, and love is never enough.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: In 3 lines, start a rumor. 

You Should Have Done Better

You should have taught us about debt and why we shouldn’t start using credit cards upon graduating high school when all those offers come in the mail, you should have taught us how and why it’s so important to vote in local elections, you should have at the very least taught us how to change a fucking tire.

You should have taught us to save more money and why it’s important to take better care of our teeth, how to file our taxes, and choose insurance without being swindled; you shouldn’t have sent us out into the world until we were adultier adults.

How to Go On When You Can No Longer See the Point was not listed in my college course catalog, but sign me up when it’s offered, I’ll sit at the front of the class.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: What subject should they teach in school? Tell us in 3 lines. 

The Salve for the Day He Leaves You

Mix one part of staying home from work with taking two small naps and laying on the couch all day eating candy and junk food.

Blend well with exactly one gallon of tears and approximately 50 text messages to your best friend, without much comfort returned despite her trying, and then stir in a viewing of Bridget Jones’s Diary because she makes you feel better about yourself and more hopeful for life in general.

Apply liberally to the skin as often as necessary, take extra time to rub harder on the places where you’ll miss his touch the most – on the small of your back, where the weight of his warm and heavy hand rested on your thigh, and of course be sure not to skip your hands that wrapped around and matched so well with yours it was impossible to see where his skin ended and yours began.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: In three lines, write prescription for something non-medical. 

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