Washing the black VW Bug in the driveway on a hot summer day with gray, sudsy water pouring down my arms, my squeals of delight when my grandpa sprayed me with the hose.

Sitting on the dirty top of the work table in his greenhouse while he potted geraniums to sell to coworkers and neighbors, the feel of his hands over mine when he showed me how far down to press the seeds into the soil.

Hearing his breath hard and fast in my ear while he ran beside me holding onto the back of my bicycle, and that whooping cheer of joy he made when he finally let me go.

This was written in response to Maya Stein’s Tri-Writing prompt: In 3 lines, write about a favorite childhood pastime. 

Written for my grandfather on what would have been his 94th birthday. I miss you and will always love you, Pop-Pop. Fuck Covid. Get your vaccines.