The City of Mirrors, by Justin Cronin


I actually finished this book last week but forgot to document it here, as I do, but I came back to do it anyway because it finishes off a trilogy that I have invested so much time in, and unlike books in other trilogies, this one was excellent.

Everything was wrapped up beautifully in the end of this saga, and I can’t recommend the trilogy enough to anyone - it’s probably the best trio of books that I have ever read, and I am glad that I read them as a whole in these last two months, one book after another, mostly in bed before I went to sleep which is why it took so long to get through all three.

I am sad to leave this world, but I have a feeling I’ll come back to it again someday, it’s just too good not to read again, even in a world of millions upon millions of books to read, that is just the way I am - I pick my favorites and I stay loyal to them, to what fault?

Who knew a book about vampires could be so moving and beautiful, eh?