I’ve written five things on Medium since the last time I’ve updated my site - I am getting very behind and feel bad that I’ve been neglecting my web “log” of things that I’ve been writing, reading, and listening to. So:

Small Claims Court is Humiliating

I wrote about going to small claims court because I am getting sued, well, past tense, got sued for a debt that I really can’t afford to pay but I’m going to be paying $60 a month now and for the foreseeable future because fuck my ilfe, and debt, and all the things that go along with it.

I Lost Two Weeks of Writing to Depression

Then I realized that I am feeling depressed again, and depression has really been keeping me from writing, especially sharing my thoughts on Medium, which is not good cause it cuts into my income. This post did well, though, getting curated in two tags, and I was surprised how many people have this same thing happen to them.

On Writing What I Want to Read

Here I wrote about how I dived in head first to a new fiction project and wrote over 20,000 words in three days, but then just sort of stopped because I realized that this story is just to big to go on without being plotted and paced and all that good stuff with outlining that I suck at doing, but at least I had a revelation - I should write what I want to read! Duh!

A Child is Like a Box of Chocolates

I wrote a very depressing post about how children are like boxes of chocolates - you never know what you’re going to get. You think your child is going to be perfect, but no one ever expects the worst. This is what happens when you get what you don’t expect, or at least how I felt when it happened to me.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day and Neither Are We

Finally, I wrote today AGAIN about being stuck in this stupid funk and how it’s affecting my life, my psyche, my writing, my heart.

I write a lot about depression, don’t I?

Oh, well, it resonates with some people, and if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t do it as much.